Dean Wheeler Jr

Instagram: @gingerracingt849
SANDCRAFT Customer Since 2015
October 2020 Featured Racer

What SANDCRAFT Motorsports products are you currently using?
I’m currently using the sway bar, transmission bearings, driveline and carrier bearing combo, rebuilt front differential, and limit straps.

How long have you been using SANDCRAFT Motorsports products?
More than 5 years.

How did you find out about SANDCRAFT Motorsports?
I discovered SANDCRAFT through fellow racers.

What do you like most about SANDCRAFT Motorsports products?
Top of the line, dependable products.

How has it benefited your racing?
Ease of mind knowing that the product is the best, resulting in less breakdowns.

What SANDCRAFT Motorsports product do you highly recommend?
ALL! You can’t go wrong with SANDCRAFT.

What were some of your recent races? How did they go?
Vegas to Reno, running an amazing race until mile marker 306 when we experienced a broken hub which ended our day. Very easily could have ended with a top 5 finish. Silver State 300, we finished 7th. Car ran great. The Mint 400, we ended up with a 6th place finish after starting dead last in class.

What are some of your upcoming races? What are you looking forward to?
UTV World Championship, The Bluewater Desert Challenge and maybe the Baja 1000 (if my Mom lets me). We are really looking forward to the 2021 season and a full schedule!

How did Ginger Racing start? How long have you been racing?
I was born with red hair on October 18, 1999, that’s where the Ginger comes from, I started racing at 5 years of age on a quad. I transitioned into SXS racing at the age of 15. I did both for a number of years but now my focus is solely on my SXS.

Mike “The Mammal” Mamelli Jr

President/Founder of MRT Off-Road
Polaris RZR Factory Racing 2020 Platform
Instagram: @mrtoffroad2020

SANDCRAFT Customer Since 2016
September 2020 Featured Racer


What SANDCRAFT Motorsport products are you currently using?
SANDCRAFT’s differential kits with some super strong carrier bearings have been a staple to keeping our car finishing every race consistently for over a year of racing four circuits and five cars. We have also experienced good results with SANDCRAFT’s drive shafts and we are eager to test other products.

How long have you been using SANDCRAFT Motorsports products?
MRT OFF-ROAD has been using SANDCRAFT’s products since 2016-2017 BITD, SCORE, AZOP and LOORS circuits.

What do you like most about SANDCRAFT Motorsports products?
What I like most about SANDCRAFT products are the consistency in quality. So much planning and engineering was properly done so that all of their parts and products pass the “snake oil” exam! SANDCRAFT provides expert quality control and superior customer support and it shows in their products and our results! The proof is in the pudding!

What were some of your recent races? How did they go?
Our most recent races have been limited with COVID-19 regulations but we have managed to still finish all BITD in Parker, AZ, the Laughlin, NV night race, Vegas to Reno and The Mint 400! Texplex has been introduced this year and has a great facility. Also, Lucas Off-Road Racing has been good for our teammates Ryder & Robert VanBeekum. We are sitting good with points with three races left. We are in striking distance for a top 5 in the most competitive class in the world in BITD UTV PRO Turbo and we are looking great in Unlimited UTV.

What are some of your upcoming races? What are you looking forward to?
We are seriously looking forward to the next 30 days but it’s gonna be a logistical challenge. We have BITD Jagged X Race in Laughlin, NV with a super cross heat format with LCQ and finals. Awesomeness. Then we got the SCORE BAJA 500. And after that the UTV World Championships! Super pumped! It’s proving grounds for this round and we have momentum!

How long have you been racing?
I’ve been racing since conception! I was born to race! 48 years old and competitive for 40 of them. BMX with ABA in Orange Track with Brandon Sperling and Roghy Gordon driven by Norm Sperling was really my foundation. These guys were already cool and raced funny cars. Rad. After that it was racing CR 60s at OCIR, then CR 80s in Saddleback and then moving to Parker, AZ in the ’80s! I was watching my neighbors Parnelli Jones and Walker Evans race the Parker 400 and then Honda rolls out the 3 wheeler with balloon tires. That evolved to badass, fast water cooled blue seaters that we desert raced and drag raced. I eventually came back to the beach and surfed competitively… kinda. I sucked. But that led me to Scarab Racing, Pacific offshore water ski racing and offshore boat racing! It was always in me to race. In Glamis I was a long time favorite in the mid ’80s to early ’90s. My twin turbo Porsche 911 that ran on alcohol was a beast! From there I went to quad racing, sand racing, jet ski racing and now UTV racing. I just want to GO FAST ALL THE TIME! Man, I’m excited just flashing back!

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