TeamRCR Racer Kristen Matlock Takes 1st Overall UTV at Baja 500

TeamRCR Racer Kristen Matlock (of Kristen Matlock Racing) is no stranger to success in Baja. In fact, she’s been dominant. Back in 2018 Kristen took 1st Overall UTV at the Baja 500. Then, in 2019 she took 1st Pro UTV NA at the Baja 1000.

Photo courtesy Kristen Matlock

In spite of all of the challenges 2020 has presented, Kristen Matlock is at it again. At the 2020 Baja 500 not only did she win 1st in the Pro UTV NA class, she won 1st Overall UTV and it wasn’t even close. She won 1st overall UTV by 19 minutes and she bested every other NA UTV by almost 3 hours, a staggering feat.

Photo courtesy UTV Sports Magazine
Photo courtesy Rugged Radios

Kristen isn’t stopping there, though. Hot off the big win at the Baja 500, Kristen is headed back down south for the Baja 1000 November 20th and if past experience is any indicator, it’ll be an exhausting, but great day for Ironwoman.

Kristen Matlock Racing
Matlock Racing


Photo courtesy Kristen Matlock

Photo courtesy UTV Action

Photo courtesy Kristen Matlock

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