SANDCRAFT Destroyer Tires come in a variety of sizes and styles for you to get the very most out of your UTV. First choose your brand, then select your model to see SANDCRAFT’s tire suggestion for your specific setup.

SANDCRAFT Destroyer Tires come in a variety of sizes and styles for you to get the very most out of your UTV. First choose your tire size, then choose paddle type. Finally you can choose your paddle count.


SANDCRAFT MOTORSPORTS has completely re-invented the paddle tire market with our new lineup of DESTROYER Tires. Made in USA at our new headquarters in Phoenix AZ, these tires are now the standard that all other paddle tires should be weighed against. We are the first to research and develop specific paddle tires and mate them to exact horsepower ratings for optimal performance. Custom tailored tire components result in more power to the ground and less stress on a UTV’s drivetrain, transmission and belts. The Destroyers are currently offered in two paddle types: Slayer and Slider.

To complete the Destroyer set, the rear paddle tires are accompanied with our 2-ply rated (UTV specific) Mohawk Diamond Tread fronts that help pull your front tires in 4-wheel drive and have been designed to eliminate the push when turning on standard buffed tires. Our tires are precision buffed for better traction and light weight.

By providing the finest UTV paddle tires on the market, SANDCRAFT MOTORSPORTS guarantees the best off-road experience for any side-by-side enthusiast by helping their machine achieve the maximum performance it deserves.


Our revolutionary new Front Mohawk Diamond design is turning heads.

We wanted to allow just the right amount of grip for control in 4WD but also allow the driver to point and go on demand. After several design concepts were tested, we settled on our three-dimensional diamond pattern.

This new radical design allows for precise tracking control and grip. This pairing of light weight and control makes for the perfect front sand tire driving experience. The angle of our three-dimensional diamond shape is also significant as it drastically reduces particulate kick up while driving aggressively and when turning.


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  • Are all of your paddle tires called “Destroyers”? What are your paddle choices?
    Yes, all of our paddle tires are called “Destroyers”. We provide several options of paddles for all horsepower ratings from 75 to 325+. We currently offer Slayers and Sliders. See our Destroyer Horsepower Ratings to find the best option for your application.
  • How much do your Destroyer paddle tires weigh?
    Our 2-ply rated tires are the lightest, yet strongest, on the market. For our front Mohawks, the 31” tires weigh 21 lbs and the 32” weigh 23 lbs. The rear tires weigh slightly more depending on paddle count.
  • Why are your paddle tires buffed?
    We precision buff our tires to provide tons of grip and the most lightweight tire to always pull ahead of the competition.
  • Why are your tires not buffed on the sidewalls?
    Keeping our sidewalls not buffed provides less body roll in turns, longer durability and less chance of air leaking out of the sidewalls.
  • Why do your front tires have a mohawk? What’s the diamond for?
    Our Mohawk design provides two major advantages in a front tire: It pulls harder in 4WD and acts as a steer tire instead of pushing in turns like a standard buffed tire. The diamonds pull harder than our classic mohawk and the design reduces particulate kick up.
  • What Destroyer paddle tire do you recommend for drag racing?
    Our Slayer paddles are the perfect choice for drag racing and it all depends on your rear wheel horsepower output and the distance you’d like to race. See our Destroyer Horsepower Ratings to find the best option for your application.
  • What does “roll out” mean and why do my front tires have a taller roll out than my rears?
    Roll out tells you the exact circumference/outer-diameter (in inches) of your paddle tires, which can also tell you the diameter using the following formula.
    Formula: ROLL OUT / π = EXACT DIAMETER For example: 102 / 3.14 = 32.5”.
  • Are your tires a true 31” & 32”?
    Our new tire carcasses are oversized unlike our competitors who tend to fall short.
  • I want an all-around dune tire. What do you recommend?
    We recommend our Slider paddles for all-around duning. They give you the best of both worlds as they’re great for bowl riding/sliding and full top-speed runs with few restrictions.
  • Are your tires specifically made for UTVs? And what ply are they?
    Yes, our tires are manufactured in the USA and specifically rated for UTVs only. They are 2-ply rated for lighter construction. It’s all about rotating mass and we get that.