For the best sand paddle tires in the UTV market, you can trust the industry leader, SANDCRAFT Motorsports. We are the first to research and develop specific paddle tires and mate them to exact horsepower ratings for optimal performance. This is critical to tailor your specific characteristics which results in more power to the ground and less stress on a UTV’s drivetrain, transmission and belts. The Destroyers are offered in five paddle types: Extreme, Talon, Ripper, Demon and Digger.

To complete the Destroyer set, the rear paddle tires are accompanied with our 2-ply rated (UTV specific) Mohawk fronts that help pull your front tires in 4-wheel drive and have been designed to eliminate the push when turning on standard buffed tires. Our tires are ruff buffed for better traction and display a Mohawk width of 1 3/4” and height of 1/4” down the tire’s center to improve steering.

By providing the finest UTV paddle tires and wheels on the market, SANDCRAFT Motorsports guarantees the best off-road experience for any side-by-side enthusiast by helping their machine achieve the maximum performance it deserves.

Not sure Which Destroyer tire you need? Check out our Destroyer Horsepower Chart. It will show you paddle options relative to your rear wheel horsepower output rating and guide you to make the right choice for your specific application.

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