Al McBeth Sets Sand Jump World Record on Destroyer Tires

The UTV long jump king has done it again. Al McBeth mounted a set of Destroyer 12 paddle Talon sand tires on “Medusa” (a heavily modified 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo) and headed to UTV Takeover in Little Sahara State Park, Oklahoma with the goal of setting a new sand to sand jump record. That’s exactly what he did.

Back in June 2017, McBeth set a sand to sand jump record at UTV Takeover in the Oregon dunes, flying 155ft to his second world record of the year (his first was a 148 ft snow to snow jump in Revelstone, BC Canada).

Two years later, McBeth went right back and shattered that record on a set of SANDCRAFT Motorsports Destroyer sand tires, this time jumping 188ft at that same event in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Never satisfied and always pushing the limits, McBeth just leapt 215 ft to yet another sand to sand jump world record in Oklahoma. To set such a gargantuan record, attention to detail is vital and you must think of everything, starting from the build of the car itself.

Part of building a record-setting UTV is choosing the right tires and Al McBeth chose SANDCRAFT Motorsport Destroyer tires. “I love SANDCRAFT tires. They are unmatched in performance in the sand. They’re easy on belts and get traction like nothing else out there!”, says McBeth. “I build and work on my equipment myself and have 100% confidence in it.”

With a history of setting record after record, it’s not a question of if Al McBeth will set another record, but when he will and what set of Destroyer paddle tires he’ll have on his RZR.

Al McBeth – Concept Distributing

Photo courtesy Andy Horton Photography

Photo courtesy Andy Horton Photography

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