Destroyer Customizer YAMAHA VIKING

Choosing the right paddle
Paddle tire choice is determined by a number of factors. We recommend going with the largest tire size you can fit on your vehicle. In some cases especially with utility vehicles, you may need long travel suspension for the paddles to clear the fenders. Next is the paddle choice. For lower powered vehicles the Slider paddle type may be the best choice because the Slayer paddle is too aggressive. If you can fit Slayers AND Sliders, the choice comes down to driving style. If you are unsure which paddle type to go with or are new to the sport, we suggest Slayers as the best all around choice.

What do the terms Underpaddled and Overpaddled mean?
Underpaddled is just what it sounds like, the paddles on your tire don’t move enough material for your vehicles’ horsepower. The reduced traction will cause you to spin out when accelerating from a dead stop or in the turns and ultimately this will slow you down. Overpaddled on the other hand is where the paddles dig in too much for your vehicles’ horsepower. This results in slow, sluggish movement and can feel like your belt is slipping. This also will result in higher engine and belt temperatures due to the added drag on your system. Please follow our horsepower chart to tailor the right customized tire/paddle setup for your vehicles horsepower and driving style.


The SLAYER represents the most aggressive radical paddle option. With 1” of height across the 13” width, this paddle gives smooth, predictable traction in wet or dry sand maximizing driver confidence when turning and throughout the hills. Our proprietary revolutionary paddle adhesion process means an end to paddles pulling free. You can get this tire in 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 & 16 paddle counts, further customizing the design to match your specific horsepower or driving style.


The SLIDER paddle design features a new stepped alternating paddle design, a first of its kind in the industry. With 1” of height across two thirds of the 13” width, then dips to 1/2” on the final third. This design is then flipped on alternating paddles. We call these SLIDERS for a reason! This design breaks traction more easily and is ideal for the driver who loves allowing the rear end of the car to play more freely across the sand. Available in 8, 10, 12 & 14 Paddle counts.

>> YAMAHA VIKING (stock hp)
31 Inch Sliders 8 Paddle

*May require long travel suspension for clearance

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